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month: May 2009

Audrey [Chicago IL child photographer]

Look at this adorable child! I could not stop staring at her. She’s a real living doll.





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Noah [ Chicago family photographer]

This is my new friend Noah. It took him all about 30 seconds to warm up to me. By the end of the session his charming personality and his good looks had me hooked and I had a hard time leaving…I wanted to take him home so we could play some more.



He is so cute I just want to eat those cheeks!!!



Dakota (the dog) and Noah get alog great, they love to snuggle isn’t this the most adorable thing you’ve ever seen?


I love this photo below, LOVE it !!!


This one too!


We went for a walk and Noah picked some flowers. Don’t you just love his chubby little hand holding that tiny flower…I love 2 year olds 🙂


And just when I thought we were done with all the cuteness, Mom pulls pout this adorable hat. Cute overload!!!


He was sad that I had to go, he even cried a little…but I promised him he could look at the photos on the ‘puter (that’s how he says computer)

Noah, I’m looking forward to seeing you again soon! Thank you for a wonderful session.


Me and my little friend Noah 🙂  Photo by Noah’s dad.


Nicole and Matt part 2 [Milwaukee WI Engagement]

Here’s what Nicole said when I asked her to wrote a few words about her experience. nm1


“We did our engagement session with Hilda a month ago.  Looking back I find it so silly that we were so anxious about it!  We feared a morning of fake poses, forced smiles, and awkward moments.  When Hilda showed up, everything felt so natural and we weren’t scared anymore.  Despite the fact that my fiancé protests when anyone takes out a camera and had dreaded the day for months, he was having so much fun taking pictures!  It was so easy!  Nothing felt forced, awkward, or uncomfortable. We had a blast spending the morning with her; it was like hanging out with an old friend who just so happened to carry around an arsenal of cameras

The photos have taken our breath away.  Hilda managed to infuse each shot with elements of our personality.  Her mind seems to always be thinking of a fresh, unique, personal, artful take on what’s happening.  With her, there are no standard go-to poses or forced smiles because she wants your relationship to shine through.  The detail that she captured from our engagement session blows us away.  And I’m completely confident that Hilda’s photographs of our wedding day will preserve the moment better than my memory alone ever could.  Knowing that Hilda will be there on our wedding day gives us so much peace of mind.  I can say with certainty that in Hilda we have found a photographer and a friend for life.”


 The photo below is straight out of the camera, no photoshop.








I’m especially proud of the one below since it was pitch black inside…no tripod, one second exposure…gotta love Nikon!




Nicole & Matt Slideshow 🙂

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Baby Milo [Crystal Lake IL Newborn photographer]

Meet Baby Milo, he’s 5 days old and as cute as he can be. All the other babies are so jealous because Milo has the coolest nursery ever !

Check out this most outstanding mural!  And let’s play ‘where’s Milo’ ?


He  can already communicate…I think he’s saying nice guns daddy 😉


Such a good little model.


Love this!


And this one too!!


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Happy Mother’s Day [Chicago family photographer]

Happy Mother’s day to all the hard working wonderful Moms out there!

Here’s a quick preview for one of my favorite clients Michelle. She asked me to come and photograph her two children with both grandmas  as a wonderful mother’s day present to them…isn’t that the best idea?


I’ve been photographing Samantha since she was 3 months old…she’s so beautiful, I love that hair! I love this photo even though she’s not looking into to the camera.


This is Alex, he’s 8 months old and although he’s lacking in the hair department he more than makes up for it with his charming personality and just being adorable!


Carol and Robin Wedding [Chicago wedding photographer]

What a fantastic way to start off the wedding season. Carol and Robin are one of those couples that really embraced their wedding day, enjoyed every minute and even a rainy day didn’t dampen their enthusiasm.  I e-mailed Carol to see if I can post some previews and here’s what she wrote, it’s the most awesome feeling in the world when I get an  e-mail like this  🙂


"Hi Hilda!
We are still on our honeymoon but feel free to post previews. Thanks again for everything! You were the best!!
I felt like I hired my friend as our wedding photographer!
The rings
The shoes were a gift from the groom's Mom.
Carol getting ready to put her dress on...you can see their parents wedding photo in the background.
Bride looking at wedding dress
The beautiful Bride.
Meanwhile on the other side of town, the boys were enjoying their morning...photo by Carolyn.
Arriving at the church...it was a bummer about the rain, but I just LOVE the photo below.
Bride arriving at the church
Last minute touch ups before walking down the isle.
Last minute touch ups
The new Mr & Mrs.
Formals at the church.
Bridal party
Fun formals in the church basement, these men could jump!
Jumping bridal party
The paparazzi.
The rain let up long enough to have a quick exit.
We stopped at Gene and Judes for hot dogs, Robin's favorite place to eat.
For those of you unfamiliar with this Chicago legend it's so worth the drive and the wait.
There's always a long line, but whatever you do DON'T ask for ketchup...why?
You don't put ketchup on an authentic Chicago hot dog that's why!!
The reception was at Elmcrest.
Robin danced ALL night, he never stopped for a minute.
Dancing groom
He surprised me with moves like this, I could barely find the shutter but I managed somehow ;)
Jumping groom
At the end of the evening a few moments alone...LOVE IT!
A moment alone
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