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month: June 2009

Wrigley Field Chicago Wedding ~ Teasers

Just a few for now, but needless to say it was amazing!!!

I just got this e-mail from the Bride, which was really great 🙂

Hilda!!  I had an amazing day yesterday and I had to email you and say how absolutely fabulous you, your assistants, and Derek were for me.  You made my day so special and worth every minute….even when I wasn’t happy about not getting all the pictures I wanted, ( Note from Hilda…Wrigley field put very strict limits on where we could and could not go for photos, so we basically had to nix 75% of the photo ideas we discussed) you lifted me up by telling me that you would capture even more beautiful ones within their boundaries.  Thank you thank you thank you a million and one times over.
Love Always,
Katie and Ray, enjoy your honeymoon!!!

Baby Kieran

This adorable little darling belongs to one of my favorite couples Marcia and Adam who got married 3 years ago at the Grove in Glenview. The cuteness of this baby is beyond descripion…so I guess we’ll just have to look at some photos now won’t we? His cute little outfit matches the decor in his room 🙂

k1 k7 k13 k2

Whenever I can, I put the babies into my favorite kind of outfit, their birthday suit…there is NOTHING more precious than beautiful delicious (yep, I took a bite) squishy baby.

Marcia! I’m coming over to give him a squeeze!!!


This one below is one of my favorites.

k9 k11 k4

I nearly fell out of my chair when I saw this one during editing, I didn’t know Adam was even in the frame.


Some Daddy love…


Some Mommy love….


And here’s one Hilda LOVES!!! OMG!! LOVE!!!! It’s art,  he’s adorable…it’s adorable art 🙂 I guess I’m in one of those moods today where I think I’m funny and clever….sorry about that!


I hope you love the photos as much as I do 🙂  Thanks for visiting my blog, please leave a comment, and don’t forget to visit my website >>>>Angel Eyes Photography.

In memory of my Dad

My Dad passed away a little over a month ago. Since it’s father’s day I’d like share of few photos of him.  This is my Mom and Dad (Rozi and Peter) about 5 years ago. Any guesses where I red my red obsession?

dad11This is the porch my Dad built, he was very handy and obviously loved to show off his ‘ornate’ style.  He loved sitting there watching the flowers and the trees, my Mom would often bring lunch to him there.

dad2The one below was taken earlier this year, inspired by the famous > American Gothic painting. <Link    (the color is faded and yellow on purpose to match the painting)


This last photo was taken the last time I saw him out of the bed, about  a week before he passed away.  He was napping in the back yard,  too weak to walk up the steps to the patio, so this was the next best thing…..having the chair as close as he could possibly can to his favorite place.


Happy father’s day Dad, I miss you.

Jill and Andrew Engagement Session

I had so much fun hanging out with Jill & Andrew, looking forward to their wedding in August.



Aren’t they just the cutest?



My 2 favorite photos! I’m slightly partial to the B&W one though, I knew that was going to be an awesome shot the second I pushed the button.



ja5And now something different…thoughts?




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Matt & Daddy

Just in time for father’s day some adorable photos of Matt & his daddy.



Some fun on the swings, look at that adorable smile 🙂

m71I LOVE this one, so cute!


Some more fun back at the house…




Thanks so much for a fun session! Please leave a comment.


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Jeff and Kelly Engagement

The place where we took the photos is special to Kelly & Jeff…and that’s why Jeff was planning on proposing there…I’ll let Kelly tell the story of how it actually happened, but first let’s take a look at some photos.



Yep, it’s awesome!!

Even though they look like  models for a Calvin Kline ad, they are soo sweet and down to earth.



So here’s how it all went down when Jeff decided to pop the question…

“One day we went to a park where we take Max for walks and Jeff was walking ahead of me. I kept trying to walk beside him and he’d speed up a bit or lag behind. Then I saw him pick a flower which was funny because it was soooooooo not like Jeff so I caught up to him and laughed asking what he was doing? He discarded the flower and said nothing. Then we were coming up on a picnic table and he asked if I wanted to sit down for a while. I was confused and said sure, why? He said forget it and we went home.
The next day I came home and he’d cooked a spectacular dinner and we ate by candlelight on the back porch. We were out there drinking and talking till pretty late and he said how his hands were getting cold. I agreed and said mine too. He stood next to me and said “Here put your hands in my pockets – they’re really warm.” I thought this was really strange, but still I had no idea. I put my hands in his sweatshirt pockets while laughing at him and found a box! The rest is history, but he explained to me how he’d been trying for a week to propose. He said at the park he was trying to tie the ring to a flower, and then to propose at the picnic table. “


Jeff finally got to tie the ring to the flower, and will marry the girl of his dreams…I LOVE a happy ending!!  But we still have some cool photos to share 🙂






After the park we went to their house so Max could be included in the photos…he’s quite the looker too, and very well behaved!



His expression cracks me up. I wonder what he’s thinking ?

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Katie and Andy Wedding, Homewood Illinois

I was so happy when the sun finally came out for Katie and Andy’s wedding day. But what made me happier than the sunshine? The Bride’s super awesome fuchsia shoes!!!



Katie’s sisters helping her get dressed while Mom & Dad look on.


The beautiful Bride.


At the church…the ladies check and see which guests have arrived.


Andy looking handsome before the ceremony.


The super cute flower girl.


Here comes the bride! I love how the back-lighting makes her veil glow.


Flower girl and her friend, so cute!


Sometimes people ask me why it’s important to have an assistant at a wedding…well it’s to get the shots that the main photographer can’t.

Due to the church rules I could only move to certain spots.

Rita took the balcony position so she could get a nice wide angle shot like the one below.

Homewood Church

Homewood Church

Mr. & Mrs. LaDow

Mr. & Mrs. LaDow

Right after the ceremony, I love the excitement and the romantic moments!





Right across the street there was a fire station, with RED doors! Woo-hoo!!  The gents looking cool.


The ladies.


And guess what? In the middle of all this a nice fireman pokes out his head and asks if he should bring out the fire truck for the photos?!!!!!

Are you kidding me????  Let me think about that for a nano second, YES!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Mr. Super nice fire fighter, you totally made my day!


Katie+Andy=cool photo

Katie+Andy=cool photo

On the way to the park…love the shadows 🙂


At the park….I’m so happy she left her veil on!



The reception was at Maggiano’s….first dace.           ( The food  is the best! EVER!!)


“All the single ladies, all the single ladies…………Now put your hands up”


“Cause if you liked it then you should-a put a ring on it…..”


“oh, oh, oh….”   I love that song!

Now if someone can teach me how to dance like Beyonce,  I’d be happy to offer them anything photography related in exchange.


Speaking of rings…


Katie and her Dad, watching them was so much fun.


Thanks for everything!  Hope you guys are having fun in Hawaii!  Happy Birthday Katie!!!


Photography by Hilda Burke ~ Main Website, click here.  Please leave a comment before you go 🙂  Thank you.

Noah 2 [Chicago IL Child photographer]

Just had to post a few more of Noah and his baby blues.





I adore this…it’s a 30×10. He was running towards me and gave me a hug…I love this little guy.


Note to Noah’s mom the photos are uploading now, will send you the link to the gallery late on tonight.