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Eaglewood Resort outdoor wedding, Itasca | Nicole and Matt

ea don’t even know how to describe the awesomeness that is Nicole and Matt, there are no words in my limited writing skills and vocabulary. Let’s just say that I adore them. The way they love each other and their families is truly something unique and special. Their friends are funny and a little nutty which was a perfect fit for me! So let’s start with the getting ready photos.


The girls reaction to Nicole in her wedding dress, priceless.


Matt and his best man.


They decided to see each other before the ceremony, which gave us plenty of time to do the fun photos. (Note to future Brides, to get these type of photos we usually schedule about 2 hours of shooting time, not counting travel)

I LOVE how exited they are to see each other, this is just a split second before the first look.






The bridal party  was so great, running all over town. In the photo below one of the girls was being nibbled on by fire ants and you can’t even tell which one she is! She was such a good sport she waited till the photo was done to kick off her shoe and hop around!


The handsome men.


LOVE X 10!!!




Oh yes, we found a cool diner and the owner was so gracious, she even offered to move tables around for us. (we declined)



I was so proud when I came up with this shot…Nicole & Matt though the diner window with the best man and the 2 maids of honor’s reflections in the glass. YEY!!


Back at the hotel before the ceremony, Matt greeting his ‘Opa’ , so much love!


Nicole’s Dad giving her away, could there be 2 prouder men?





Kids keeping busy, so sweet!


Can you believe this cake?? So unique, covered in chocolate shavings!!! I was so bummed, I didn’t get a chance to try it 🙁


Fist dance.


The band was great! They had the party jumping  😉



A little air trumpet from one of the bridesmaids, and some support from the groom. Fun!



And they lived happily ever after!


I’d like to wrap up this post by sharing an e-mail I got from the groom after the wedding.

Hello Hilda,
How are you doing?  Now that we are back from our honeymoon I just wanted to let you know how pleased I/Nicole are to have had you as our photographer for our wedding.
When we first started planning the wedding I did not care about the photography and left that up to Nicole to make the decisions.  After working with you, I am 120% certain that Nicole made the right decision and have been shocked by the talent/skill of your work.  I am extremely excited to see our wedding day pictures!!!
I never would of thought that I would be this excited about pictures, but I am, and I think that you should know that you have converted me from someone that didn’t care to someone who is checking Nicole’s facebook everyday in hopes of a new picture.  Thank you for making my wife HAPPY!!!!
With that said, I have referred you to a family friend.  His son may be getting married in the near future and I gave him your email.  I will do whatever I can to promote you and your business.

P.S. Nicole doesn’t know that I am writing this.
Thanks again,
  • Hilda,
    We’re out on a Friday night and, of course, I’m compulsively checking my e-mails for news from you. Low and behold, you’ve managed to throw me off. I am so thrilled to see these beautiful pictures, but at the same time you’ve got me crying. The moments you’ve captured, the words you’ve said… I can’t even begin to explain how blessed I feel, how lucky I am to have found a photographer as talented as you. You are simply amazing and I can’t wait until the next time I see you so that I can hug you until you maybe can’t breathe. I don’t know how else to express my gratitude. I know I’ve said it before, but you ARE the angel in Angel Eyes Photography. We love you, Hilda. Hot DAMN are these FINE ASS PICS! For lack of better words… 🙂

  • PS–Sorry about the cake 🙁
    If you wanna swing by on our 1 yr. anniversary and snag a bite of the frost-bitten year-old cake you’re totally invited!!!

  • Hilda,

    I have never seen such phenomenal photographs!
    They are so outstanding that I cannot put it into words.
    It was an honor to have you as their photographer and I am happy to know that you enjoyed photographing Matt and Nicole so much.

    From the mother and father of the bride,
    Trish and Steve Pokuta

  • Your photos rock my world, Hilda…Captured spectacularly.

  • Irmi and John Hummel
    October 12th, 2009 at 10:16 pm

    You made Nicole and Matthew very happy with your photography which will hold many memories that will stay with them for the rest of their lives. It must be a wonderful gift to have that ability and talent. I think you captured exactly what they had in mind and more. Thank you also for featuring them in your blog. They are a beautiful couple and we are so glad they found each other again.

    Irmi and John Hummel
    Proud parents of son, Matthew and daughter-in-law, Nicole