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month: October 2009

Maya and Mark Wedding, Lake Forest IL

The one thing that struck me about Maya and Mark’s wedding is how happy they were…how happy everyone was. Truly is was a beautiful thing to see. Everyone smiling and having a great time all night.  Maya looked absolutely stunning in her custom made gown.


Isn’t the ring holder just the coolest?


Some last minute adjustments before the ceremony.


I love the look on Mark’s face as he waits for his bride to come down the isle.




The view from the balcony, photo by my assistant Carol.


During the sign of peace, it was so beautiful to see the two Moms embrace and how happy they were.






Some of my favorites at the beach…LOVE the one below…Mark has the most beautiful blue eyes!


Mark was amused when I got under the veil for a different point of view…I adore this photo.


At the reception some yummy appetizers.


The first dace.




These kids were the cutest. The ring bearer was dancing with this adorable little girl all night, they were so cute. The little girl had a twin brother who was lost without her, so he ‘danced’ with them all night by standing directly behind his twin sister the entire time!!!


The desert was the best!! Three kinds of berries inside a chocolate shell. Drool.


Party time!


“All you need is love…”


…and some friends 🙂


Maya is is much better writer, so asked her to tell me how she felt about her wedding day.

“It was the best day of my life. Everything went perfectly and I can’t thank you enough for being a part of it.
I always dreamed of getting married on the beach, when we started looking into the logistics of planning a beach wedding, it would have meant not being able to have as many guests. It was far more important to us to have all of our friends and family with us so we went the more traditional route. It turned out to be perfection and more of a reflection of us as a couple than a beach wedding would have been. I was thrilled that you were able to go to the beach with us to take pictures, it really gave us the best of both worlds.

Our wedding party was made up of friends from childhood and family. Mark has been friends with all of his groomsmen for over 30years and they came from all over the country to be here. I have known my bridesmaids throughout my life, and can’t believe that Sarah made the distance being 8.5 months pregnant.

I had my dress made by Elda De Larosa who was incredible. She also made my dress for the rehearsal dinner. She saved me from the sea of strapless dresses and made me feel beautiful. The flowers were done by Beth at Anna Held Flowers.

I was thrilled to have my 87 year old neighbor give the blessing/toast. So many people have written/commented on his participation.

My favorite moments of the night were when we played sweet Caroline for the Millers and the last song where everyone was in a circle around us and we all sang all you need is love. I felt like I was on a carousel and every time I looked around I saw someone I love… And they were SINGING! That moment felt like magic to me.. The whole day felt like magic.

I will never be able to thank you and Carol enough for making things run so smoothly. and for being willing to do whatever we asked. I look forward to seeing the photos!!”

Samantha and Alex, Chicago Portrait session

I’ve been photographing these two cuties for a few years now. I always look forward to the sessions, it’always fun to hang out with the family and see how the kids have changed since I last saw them. Below are a few of my favorites.







Angel Eyes Photography, Chicago IL, Child, Family, Portrait Photographer.


Millennium Park wedding photos | Chicago Beach wedding, Lake Michigan | Jessica and Caleb

Jessica and Caleb got married on 09/09/09! Cool wedding date, I wonder if she picked it so he can easily remember ? 😉  Jessica decided to try e-harmony after being harassed by her mother for months. Valentine’s Day weekend was free, so she decided to try it. That’s when she was matched with Caleb.  A lot of my couples meet on line, especially on e-harmony! It works people!

The Bride got ready at the Palmer House Hilton, truly one of the most beautiful Hotels in Chicago.


You are looking at one of my future models, when she ends up in a magazine I get to brag that I discovered her.


The little flower girls.


The wedding was on the beach. I’m totally in love with long veils, they look so beautiful blowing in the wind.





Jessica wanted to elope, but her Mom told her she’d  be REALLLLLLY  upset if they did. Jessica wan’t too interested in the wedding planning . She only told her bridesmaids to wear blue, so they each shopped for their own dresses. Her sister, Amanda, did all the flowers and her cousin, Alicia, did her hair.  According to  her Mom the only thing she wanted from her wedding day was a great photographer. 😀  And I’m guessing great photos 😉   Jessica told me to take all the time I need to make sure we had amazing photos,  I was thrilled beyond belief.

These photos below were shot in a 2-3 hour time span…this included multiple locations and driving. I realize that  most weddings do not allow for that kind of time line, there’s the option of seeing each other before the ceremony and doing the portrait shoot ahead of time. Or there’s always the ‘Day After’ option…when you put your wedding dress on again and we take our time shooting and having fun.

This is one of my absolute favorites taken on the beach right after the ceremony.




Millennium Park.




Then back to the Palmer House Hilton, where we might have crashed the Olympic committee’s cocktail hour…and might have moved some promotional sign out of the way. I’m just saying, these things could happen…



Ring shots on Caleb’s tattoos, you know he’s cool ‘cuz he’s got several Angels.


We only found the wonderful red staircase at the because we got off the elevator on the wrong floor, I’m pretty sure I was hyperventilating when I saw this.


And then I saw ‘the light’  it only lasted about 2 minutes, but WOW.


Hilda Burke, Chicago IL  Wedding Photographer