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month: June 2010

St. Clement Church in Chicago | Kelly and Dan | Carnivale unique wedding reception

Kelly and Dan’s wedding was filled with joy, color, love and a TON of fun…and did I mention color? It was everywhere and it was amazing.

Bridesmaid Dresses: Jenny Yoo
Tuxes: Formally Modern
Dress: Monique Lhuillier, Ultimate Bride
Planner: Kara Underwood Gordon, Magnificent Milestones
Flowers: Hello Darling

The ladies arriving at the Church.

St. Clement Church Chicago 1

The ceremony took place at  St. Clement Church in Chicago. ( I could go on about how gorgeous it was but I think the photos just speak for themselves.)  A beautiful moment between Kelly and her dad.

St. Clement Church Chicago 4

The girls watching Kelly walk up to Dan.

St. Clement Church Chicago 2

St. Clement Church Chicago 6


Seriously it was almost overwhelming it was so beautiful!

St. Clement Church Chicago 5

St. Clement Church Chicago 3

They were so cute and happy to be married! All night long Dan kept saying ‘Where’s my wife?’ even when she was standing next to him,  he liked saying  ‘wife’,  it was the sweetest!

St. Clement Church Chicago 7

This wedding party had so much personality and fun, they had me and Carol laughing all day and night.

Angel Eyes Photography Chicago 13

St. Clement Church Chicago 8

Me, working, directing, yelling, joking, having fun!


Even for the ‘formals’ this group just infused their personalities into every shot…notice the men in the front row holding hands 🙂

Angel Eyes Photography Chicago 5

Angel Eyes Photography Chicago 2

Angel Eyes Photography Chicago 3



Angel Eyes Photography Chicago 7

Angel Eyes Photography Chicago 8

Back on the trolley, they were having the time of their lives  😉

Angel Eyes Photography Chicago 1

By the time we got to our second location it started to rain, but they were prepared!

Angel Eyes Photography Chicago 9

Yes, I do have a red umbrella in my car at all times, because the green would clash with the “True Love” sign, that’s why…duh! (I have  issues, but I don’t care)

Do I really need to say that this is my FAVORITE  photo, that it just makes my heart melt every time I look at it?!  I mean really, it could not be any more perfect! Kelly and Dan if you do not have this printed HUGE  in your house, I’m  going to quit photography.

Angel Eyes Photography Chicago 11

There are so many I love from this wedding, like this one below…I love the raindrops on the window and on the ground.

Angel Eyes Photography Chicago 12

The reception was at Carnivale. This was the one of the appetizers people, freaking lamb chops covered in garlic.

Carnivale Chicago Wedding 1

And oh yeah, did I mention the COLOR???? It was everywhere, I thought my brain was going to explode from overdose, I was soooo happy!!!!

Carnivale Chicago Wedding 11

Carnivale Chicago Wedding 5


Attention Bides-to-be, here’s something different if you don’t have a guest signature album with your package ….get a cool ‘artsy’ book and have your guests sign that, what a great idea!!!

Carnivale Chicago Wedding 9

Carnivale Chicago Wedding 10

This was my dinner, soooo yummy!!! I cannot wait to take my hubby to Carnivale so he can experience this amazing food. (it’s a wonderful restaurant downstairs and they have the weddings upstairs)

Carnivale Chicago Wedding 12

Of course we took full advantage of the decorations around the restaurant.

Carnivale Chicago Wedding 4

I was actually hyperventilating  at this point…

Carnivale Chicago Wedding 7


…but still managed to crack some jokes!

Carnivale Chicago Wedding 6

Carnivale Chicago Wedding 2

L.O.V.E.  the next two so much.  There is nothing better when a couple puts their trust in my vision and go along with my crazy ideas, because the end result is pretty freaking great.

Carnivale Chicago Wedding 3

Carnivale Chicago Wedding 8

I hope everyone loved reading this as much as I loved writing this blog post, and if you did please leave a comment. I will leave you with some words from Kelly.

Favorite parts of the day:
-Seeing Dan for the first time at the end of the aisle and holding his hand throughout the ceremony
-Finally relaxing and dancing on the trolley
-Dancing with all our friends and family surrounding us
-All the amazing toasts- Steve, Lindsay, Erin, Tom and my dad, Kevin
Advice for future brides and grooms:
-Take it all in and enjoy every aspect of the weekend
-Relax and have fun, don't stress about anything after it is out of your hands
-Have fun!

Moments I'll always remember:
-All of them...it was the best day of my life
-Dan's beautiful vows
-Feeling so much love in the room for us from our friends and family

Hilda Burke, Angel Eyes Photography

Hotel Orrington Wedding, Evanston IL | Jillian and Mark (2)

Here’s part 2 of Jillian and Mark’s wedding.

I asked the Bride to tell me what some of her favorite moments were from their wedding day…

*Getting to see each other for the first time.
*Intro of the bridal party to “Back in Black” and being introduced and feeling like rock stars walking down the stairs.
*Having the whole group laugh at the right time with Rev. Rebecca and the whole “Princess Bride” intro.
*Doing our first dance.
*Dancing with all of our friends and family who came here from ALL over the US.
*Rocking out with the band to all of the awesome songs they sang.

I always recommend Rev. Rebecca, she’s the best there is! I mean how do you not love someone when she start quoting from the Princess Bride?


Hotel Orrington Evanston Wedding 4

Hotel Orrington Evanston Wedding 5




*Day of Coordinator: Joyce Feuer of Joyce’s Events (773) 955-1436
*Band: Chicago Groove Collective (a Stitely Entertainment band)
*Cake: Take the Cake by Mary Winslow
*Lighting: Frost Lighting
*Linen: Tabletoppers Linen

Hotel Orrington Evanston Wedding (7)

The Band was really great!

Hotel Orrington Evanston Wedding (8)

I love how much fun Jill and her Mom (and Dad!) are having  🙂

Hotel Orrington Evanston Wedding (9)

There was a special song for the groom. First they grabbed him…

Hotel Orrington Evanston Wedding 9

Then they lifted him up….

Hotel Orrington Evanston Wedding 8

Then they turned him upside down and played him like a drum….

Just another day at the office people!  😉

Hotel Orrington Evanston Wedding 7

How cute is Jill ?!

Hotel Orrington Evanston Wedding 10

Here are some words of wisdom who’s not only a bride but also an event coordinator.

*Trust your vendors. They know what they are doing and they know much more about what they are doing than you do, so please let them do what you are paying them to do!

*Take some time with your new husband, just the two of you. Be it immediately after the ceremony or sometime during the reception. Step away and look and talk to each other. Stop to say, “Wow, we just got married and now are going to be together forever.” A wedding is after all just a celebration of the marriage that just happened and the focus!

*Have fun! So many people try to do too much and miss out on having a really good time themselves. Just enjoy and have a great time.

*Don’t sweat the small stuff. Just let it go. If they serve Chardonnay instead of the Pinot Grigio because they forgot to order it, that’s fine no will know the difference but you. If the band plays the electric slide because your sister requested it and you said no originally, that’s okay too. If you timeline is off by 10 min. don’t freak out, no one else would even realize it.

*My biggest thing to remember……is that this whole day flies by so incredibly fast so enjoy every moment. See the smiles on everyone’s face but most importantly look at the smile on your new husband or wife’s face. Pure love and happiness.

Hotel Orrington Evanston Wedding 6

Hilton Orrington/Evanston wedding ceremony and reception | Jillian and Mark Wedding (1)

I usually wait till I have all the info to post with the photos, but I can’t stand it any longer, I just need to share some of the photos from this awesome wedding!! So, more detailed info to come in the next post (Note to Jillian, please check your FB inbox! Thanks 🙂 )

The getting ready, the wedding and the ceremony all took place at the beautiful Hotel Orrington in Evanston. This place is a gem!  If you’re looking for an alternative to a  Downtown wedding, this place is close to the City.  What really impressed me though was the service. From the moment the valet took my car to the time I left, everyone who worked at the Hotel was a top notch professional. Even the janitor who gave us directions when we were looking for a room, was super helpful and friendly.  And I’m just the help people!!! OK so on with the photos…

When we got there, the Hall being was decorated with the most amazing flower display from Virginia Wolff. She was there practically the whole day, which was impressive. 99% of  florists just drop off the flowers, but Virginia was even there to pin the flowers on the men! Usually that job falls to me (or one of my assistants) Do you know how hard it is to pin a boutonniere on a groom while taking photos??   😉


Hotel Orrington Evanston Wedding (6)

The dress was beautiful and it had pockets…yes, those are the bride’s shoes in the pockets 🙂

Hotel Orrington Evanston Wedding C

I love the happy bride getting ready, with Mom and one of the girls crying as they look on (you can see their reflection in the mirror).

Hotel Orrington Evanston Wedding (11)

Hotel Orrington Evanston Wedding D

Jillian, you looked gorgeous!!!

Hotel Orrington Evanston Wedding (12)

Hotel Orrington Evanston Wedding (10)

Hotel Orrington Evanston Wedding (13)

Meanwhile…Mark gets ready with the boys.

Hotel Orrington Evanston Wedding A

So handsome!

Hotel Orrington Evanston Wedding B

Then it was time for the first look. When couples choose to see each other before the ceremony it makes everyone so much more relaxed! Especially me 😉 I don’t need to worry about taking the B & G away from their guests during cocktail hour, and trying to cram family/bridal party/ and Bride and Groom portraits into a 45 minute window…I can do it, but it’s better when I don’t have to 🙂   More time for photos = more photos for you !!!

Hotel Orrington Evanston Wedding (15)

Hotel Orrington Evanston Wedding (16)

I love this one!

Hotel Orrington Evanston Wedding H

So cute!! Waiting for the bridal party.

Hotel Orrington Evanston Wedding (20)

2 seconds later…

Hotel Orrington Evanston Wedding (2)

Took a little walk to Northwestern University Campus.

Hotel Orrington Evanston Wedding (4)

LOVE this!!

Hotel Orrington Evanston Wedding (1)

Hotel Orrington Evanston Wedding K


Another unique thing I loved, not only did the girls have different dresses, they each had their own unique bouquet! Way to start a trend Jillian!!

Hotel Orrington Evanston Wedding (21)

This is probably one of my favorite Bridal Party photos to date.

Hotel Orrington Evanston Wedding (3)

They were a fun bunch 🙂

Hotel Orrington Evanston Wedding I

Hotel Orrington Evanston Wedding J

Hotel Orrington Evanston Wedding (22)

Back at the Hotel, while the Bridal party relaxed at the bar, I had little more time with Mark and Jillian, and these ended up being my favorite photos!!

Love, LOVE the ones below!!!!!

Hotel Orrington Evanston Wedding (24)


Hotel Orrington Evanston Wedding (23)

More photos on FB <<<<  let’s be friends 🙂