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The Rookery | unique wedding ceremony and reception venue Chicago IL | Pam and John

Pam and John are a couple in love, big time,  make your head spin true love…. it makes me melt…for real, yeah I’m that sappy….but I’m in the right business that’s for sure 🙂

The flower girl was adorable.

And the ring bearer was the cutest!!!

Pam get dressed with the help of her Mom.

Oh, how I loved the room where Pam got ready.

She looked stunning!

A great moment with Grandma, these are the photos that make me sooo happy.

John looking very handsome.

I am so in love with this photo, I can’t really explain it, but I freaking love it! OK?

The Rookery, an amazing piece of architecture that’s beyond words. For you Chicago history buffs you should really read about it it’s so interesting.

They both wrote their own vows and I have to tell you John wins the prize for the most beautiful vows ever written, not kidding. I felt like I was in a movie but without the sappy stuff. It was so from the heart that even the best wedding planner in the business (Patti Herioux) who NEVER cries during ceremonies, (unlike me) was tearing up. We will talk about this wedding for many years to come no doubt. John I liked you  before but I think I love you now (in a platonic way of course)  😉


Took a little time for some portraits, but first we needed a cab.

The Palmer House Hilton.


Then it was back to the Rookery for the Party.

Took a few minutes to explore this amazing staircase, (and I swear I did not set this up, that would be too cheesy) Pam needed help with her shoes, and of  course John helped her. I mean really how lucky can a girl be?  Tell me ladies, is this not the Princess moment you’ve always dreamt of?

Then back to the party!!!!

Congrats you two!

Hilda Burke, Chicago IL Wedding photographer

John’s favorite things about the wedding: When Pam read her vows, and our vows in general. Seeing family and friends that I hadn’t seen in a long time all in the same room. Pam’s hair… I really really loved her hair!

Pam’s favorite things: Never in a million years did I imagine my 89 year old grandma jumping up on the dance floor and shaking her hips all night. I can’t even explain how happy that made me. Realizing that I made the right decision to write and read my own vows. Even though I was petrified days beforehand, the moment I was up there it felt like just John and I were in the room and nothing else mattered. Walking down the stairs with my dad, and the look on John’s face. After a lot of health concerns, getting to dance with my dad and embracing the moment. Dancing with all our friends and family surrounding us – we felt so much love and hapiness. Calling John “Husband”!!  🙂

Best wedding related purchase:
Patti Herioux – our wedding planner was amazing. We only hired her for the “day of” because I thought I was cool enough to handle all the planning on my own. Months before the wedding I would call Patti with questions and she would go above and beyond to help us with anything. She came to many meetings with us, and truly became a friend that we are honored to have. She’s the best!
Worst purchase:
Being the indecisive person I am, I made far too many purchases when it came to wedding gowns. I am a self proclaimed “Dresszilla”. All I can say to those who are having a hard time deciding on a gown is to go with what you have always dreamed of and what makes you feel beautiful. Try not to get sidetracked or swayed be trendy dresses if that’s not your style, because on the day of your wedding you want to feel like yourself. 🙂
  • Hilda,

    Wow! Not only are the pictures looking great, but you’re making me out to be a saint in the process! I owe you one… in fact, when are you and Patty coming over for dinner? Pamela and I want to have you both over before the school year starts back up… be in touch, and stop make me sound so charming! You’re embarrassing me! 🙂

  • Hilda,
    Thank you so much for everything! These photos are beautiful… it’s truly incredible how you captured moments of our family and friends that bring out their personalities to the point where we can actually hear their voice and laughter. I will cherish the one with my grandma forever, because there couldn’t be a more perfect photo of our relationship. I LOVELOVELOVE the elevator photo too! It’s so dreeeamy 🙂 We’re really looking forward to seeing all the photos when John and I can relive each moment of our perfect day! Thanks for being a part of it! We love you! 🙂
    Pam and John