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month: August 2010

Wedding, Libertyville IL (1)

Despite the scorching heat, Lauren and Dan (with the help of the best wedding planner in the business Patti Herioux) had a beautiful wedding! The details were incredible, and it was all about the bling!!! Since there we so many scrumptious details, this blog post will focus on them, and the next one will show all the love 🙂

The most important bring of the day, the rings.

Bling on all the dresses.

And of course the shoes.

LOVED the earrings!!!


Most awesome mirror light ever!


Of course the bride’s hair had bling!

Patti also did all the  bouquets, centerpieces, Save the dates, table numbers, place cards and invitations.

There was even bling behind the head table!

…more coming soon!

Chicago IL Engagement session | North Avenue Beach | Katy and Brendan

Even though I can’t wear heels, (well I could but I’d rather be comfortable) I sure do appreciate a cute pair of shoes! Even better is a cute couple in love 🙂

What’s that look on his face? Well he’s probably wondering how long I’m going to lay on the sidewalk  😉

One of my favorites!

Favorite!!! LOVE the golden light from the setting sun…. if I could only bottle it and take it with me….

Spontaneous kisses on the nose, makes my heart melt.

Beautiful Chicago 🙂

If you only knew what it took for Katy to climb up and hold that pose in a mini dress, you’d appreciate this photo even more…totally worth it though, no?

Some cool in camera ‘art’ (no photoshop)

Can’t wait to see you guys for your wedding, very soon!!!

Hilda Burke, Chicago IL Photographer

Doubletree Hotel in Skokie Wedding planning|North shore reception| Bridget and Al

Bridget and Al are one of those couples you just wanna hang out with…they re just so much fun to be around 🙂  The getting ready and the reception took place at the Doubletree Hotel in Skokie.

Bridget looked beautiful!

Yeah, I know I’m obsessed…it’s OK though, my therapist said it’s fine as long as I don’t show up to a wedding wearing some red heels.


This photo has so many things I love… fluffy clouds,red, a unique dress, long veil and a happy bride.

Meanwhile back at their house, Al gets some help from his Mom.

The happy couple!


Most unique exit ever! Read all about it at the bottom of this post.


Hi, B!

A quick stop at the house to say hi to their boys, Nikko and Bailey.

On the way to the reception.

The fun bridal party.

They just danced every chance they had, even waiting to be introduced, it was so cute!

“I gotta feeling…


Cool shot of the cake, before…

…and after the groom decided to take a dive 🙂  Bridget and Al were so relaxed about their big day, this didn’t even bother them, and I’m posting it because it’s amusing 😉 I tell my couples all the time something will go wrong, it’s just the question of how you deal with it.

One  of the request they had is capturing the sunset though these amazing windows, and let. me. tell. you. the lengths I go though to make ‘art’ for my couples…I was under the table to get these shots, there was no other way to do it. ( See B&W photo at the end, that’s me crawling out from under the table ) Bridget and Al, I can honestly say I never had more fun crawling on the floor and I’d do it again in a heartbeat 😉


FAVORITE!!!!  (part 2)

Party time! It was so cute to see them just truly enjoying every single second of the day.

Bridget was just so happy she was overcome with emotion.

The exit.

This took a little trial and error, but I’m pretty proud of this photo. Bridget and Al, I hope to see you guys soon and often since you are my only couple that’s walking distance from my house, I love you both to pieces!!!!

I love to hear about the couple’s perspective about their big day so here are Bridget’s highlights.

‘Favorite parts of the day:  FUN was the goal of the day and it was achieved! It was a perfect day! So many things to mention, but here are a few of the highlights:

-After the ceremony running outside to the finish line while all our friends and family were there cheering for us and holding up signs. Since we have both been in a lot of races, it was a great moment we will never forget (even if Al was a little skeptical about the idea at first, but was so happy that we did it!)

-Coming in to the reception and dancing to ‘I gotta feeling’ with the bridal party and everyone in the room on there feet cheering for us… -Amazing toasts that made us laugh & brought us to tears.

-The packed dance floor from the start & ending the night with my family doing the chicken dance 🙂  -Gary surprising us and singing Al’s favorite Sinatra song to us.

Advice for future brides and grooms:

-Have fun & be yourself! This is your special day and it should reflect everything about you as a couple together.  -Make sure to soak it all in and enjoy the day.

-Can’t emphasize enough of what difference it makes to have a day of wedding coordinator, it helps to know that we always had a go to person for everything.

-Book Hilda as your photographer & you will have awesome pictures!! We are so lucky to have her!

-DJ by Spin Productions, Make-up by Alicia Brooks, Hair by Jeanette from Salon 88, Wedding coordinator Julie Scheer, Flowers by Flowers-Flowers.com

Moments I’ll always remember: -All of them…it was a perfect day & beyond my expectations for how much fun it was!

-Alan putting all 3 wedding bands on my finger and then our special kiss to end the ceremony.

From Al… -How beautiful Bridget looked walking down the aisle toward me -How amazing the reception hall looked lit up by the setting sun -Feeling so truly lucky and blessed to have all of our friends and family together with us and seeing how happy we are.’

[OK, so here’s a photo of me Mandy took, while I was crawling out from under the table. I’m laughing because the Maid-of-honor was being super sweet and was fanning me to cool me down.]

Yes, it’s true…my life is a party 😀

Hilda Burke, Chicago IL Wedding photographer

Kristine and Rob, Downers Grove Engagement session

I had fun running around, exploring and taking photos downtown Downers Grove with Kristine & Rob.  Kristine looked so cute and colorful in her dress 🙂

The two on the grass are my favorites 🙂


Rob’s not shy or reserved, in case that’s not obvious by the photos…now you know for sure.

At Emmets Tavern, where the wedding is going to be…such a cool place…another favorite.

Rob has some really cool ‘toys’. A 1985 Porche 911 (if I remember correctly)

And guess who was drooling/impressed with the red Harley? MEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!?

With their beautiful puppy Gus, he’s a little shy but very sweet.

Why yes, they are just the cutest 🙂

Friend + Me = Facebook

Makray Memorial Golf Club | St. Anne Catholic Church in Barrington |Brooke and Rob

Brooke got ready at her parents house where she grew up. Beautiful home with lots of photo ops.

Her Mom Linda helping with the bracelet.

I love the jewelry box with her parents wedding photo on it.

Her toenail polish was the something blue 🙂

Love this one!

The girls were so much fun, of course the bride’s reflection in the window was a huge bonus 🙂

Rob waiting for the ceremony to start.

Gorgeous Church. [St. Anne Catholic Church in Barrington]

Exiting the Church. One of my favorites.

Best idea I’ve seen in a long time… renting a school bus for transportation.  Brides to be, you would not believe the amount of $$ you can save by doing this!  Of course it was really appropriate for this wedding since Brooke is a teacher, but I think it’s a fabulous idea for anyone looking for affordable  (and comfortable too, the seats are cushioned) transportation.

The reception was at Makray Memorial Golf Club .

FAVORITE!!!!! The ‘ring’ of blue surrounding them is lens flare, which is caused by  the sun. (not  photoshop)

Another favorite, she looks like a Hollywood starlet in this photo.


I love these chairs! I also love that the chairs are not covered.

The cake was stunning, everyone was talking about it. [ Lovin Oven Cakery]

First dance.

It’s super-girl!

The mini deserts were out of this world. Oak Mill Bakery in Niles did an outstanding job.

From Brooke…

“Our wedding day was by far the best and happiest day of my life.  Every little detail was more perfect than I imagined it would be.

One of my favorite parts of the day was reading the card Rob had written me just hours before the ceremony.

I also loved seeing our bridal party line up before they walked down the aisle. There was just something really moving about seeing our closest friends and family as they were getting ready to stand by our sides.

But my absolute favorite moment was walking down the aisle with my parents and seeing the love of my life and my best friend waiting anxiously for me.

Celebrating with our loved ones was a perfect way to end the day. It was truly a day I will never forget.”

Hilda Burke, Angel Eyes Photography, Chicago IL