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month: September 2010

Angie and Dan, South Bend Indiana Wedding

Angie and Dan got married in South Bend Indiana (yes, I do travel) at one of the most unique venues I’ve ever seen. It was built as a private residence (it’s actually a huge 4 story mansion since they were loaded)  in 1889 by the the Studebakers. It’s now a restaurant called Tippecanoe Place that you can also rent out for weddings, which is how I ended up there 🙂  It is such a stunning place, the intricate woodwork alone is worth the 2 hour drive from Chicago not to mention the delicious food.  Angie’s grandmother used to bring her there as a little girl for brunch, how could this not be THE most perfect place for their wedding?

I am completely head over heels in love with Angie’s dress. I might even be my favorite dress ever!  Yep, that’s a pretty bold statement considering how many gorgeous gowns I see, but I just adore the uniqueness of it and the story behind it, which you can read at the bottom of this post 🙂  Talk about being a low maintenance bride, Angie wore a little white cami under the lace top and she got for like fifteen bucks!

Not one, not two but three reflections…OH Yeah!!!


It was so wonderful to do the portraits before the ceremony, no rushing and plenty of time for great photos. Brides to be please note the variety, I can only create beautiful photos like this for your wedding day if I have time  🙂

See I told you it was gorgeous!

Yeah, they were pretty brave, that was a long way down.

So many favorites…

…so, so many…

LOVE!!! If I had to pick a favorite this would be it.

I  was so happy with the unique perspective I had  for the ceremony.

You don’t need me to tell you what Angie is saying with that look and the index finger.

Everyone at this wedding treated me and my assistant like family we really do appreciate that, and thank you for the wonderful swordfish pesto dinner! But the biggest surprise came at the end of the evening when we were leaving,  Angie’s dad hugged us both!  Dads usually don’t hug the help! (and we weren’t exactly daisy fresh after a 12 hour 90 degree day) We were thrilled of course it was just such a pleasant unexpected surprise that we talked about it pretty much the whole 2 and a half hour drive home. And this is one of the many reasons why I’m always going have fond memories of this wedding. <<<Hugs to you Mr. Philippsen!>>>

Angie changed into this fun little dancing tu-tu skirt that her Mom made, so cute!

The perfect ending to the day 🙂

From Angie and Dan…

“My amazing mom planned the entire wedding, but the dress was something I wanted full control over.  I had found a picture of my “dream dress” but couldn’t find anything similiar available in a store.  So, I went on the website Yelp and looked up tailors.  On Yelp, I found a shop in Wicker Park called Louice that mostly makes men’s suits, but also got great reviews for making the occasional wedding dress.  I emailed the owner of the store, Adrian Park, a picture of the dress and he and the genius seamstress who works for him made it in 3 weeks!  They even drove me to a wholesale fabric store, helped me pick fabric and scored me a discount!  The whole process was fun and easy and I would recommend them to anyone!



My best wedding related purchase was the dress!  And because the top and skirt are separate  pieces, I can wear the top again with skirts and pants.  My mom made the skirt that I wore for dancing, the jewelry was borrowed, and I found the purse in a consignment shop for $7.  I’m not always very practical with my purchases, but I do love a good deal!  Also, investing in a fabulous photographer. Thank you, Hilda!  Your pictures are beautiful and you saved the day with the deodorant!  🙂

A few of my favorite highlights from our wedding day:

(my take)
Waking up next to my hubby-to-be and feeling pure happiness; spending the morning hanging out with Dan and going for a bike ride with my mom; having my friend, Sharon, marry us; dancing with my dad, having all our loved ones in the same spot at the same time; forgetting that I’m a truly horrible dancer and dancing the night away!

(Dan’s take)
Seeing how happy Angie was with her parents, relatives and friends; she looked beautiful; the days leading up to the wedding where my family stayed with Angie’s and got to know them; My dad, sister, and brother-in-law got a sense of how lucky I am to have found her and the Philippsens.”

Makray Memorial Golf Club outdoor ceremony| Jill and Doug, Barrington Illinois Wedding

Jill and Doug have know each other since they were children. It’s obvious they have a huge amount of comfort and chemistry when they are together and there’s hardly a serious or dull moment when they are around.  The reception and the ceremony took place at Makray Memorial Golf Club in Barrington.

They decided to see each other before the ceremony, which is a huge bonus when it comes to photo time.

I tried to do something unique and serious….and I knew that wasn’t going to last 😉

But that lead into one of my favorite portraits of the day, I love this!!!

Going outside for more photos.

FAVORITE!!!!!  I love those perfect fluffy clouds + blue sky + happy couple = perfection!!!!


Lovely bridal party, check out the little rock star in the back row.

Jill’s 101 year old Grandma was one of the VIPs.

One of the great parts of this wedding was the couples personality really shone though in the details. Grandma wore a button that Jill made for her it says…’I’m 101 years old and I stayed alive all this time to watch my only granddaughter get married’

Ceremony time!

No one else but these two could make a minister double over in laughter during the vows.

“Hi, nice to meet you…what are you doing for the rest of your life? Wanna hang out? OK!”

Even in B&W the clouds were breathtaking!

They had  African drummers at the end of the ceremony and they stayed for part of the reception. So unique 🙂

Instead of table numbers, they had lolly-pops, their photo matched the photo at the table,  such a cute idea!

Jill and Doug were dressed in different props and costumes for all the photos…the guests were blown away. Brides to be remember, it’s your wedding do what makes you happy, be unique and have fun!

Two tiny guests just hanging out on the cake 🙂

In the bride’s room, there’s a funny photo of a monkey B&G, so when I suggested this of course they were up for it 🙂

Party time!

Angel Eyes Photography, Chicago IL

Independence Grove Libertyville Wedding, Lauren and Dan (2)

To see Lauren & Dan’s wedding details, click here.

I love it when couples decide to see each other before the ceremony, it gives me an opportunity to capture images like this!!!!

Love this one so much…FAVORITE!!!

Clearly Dan was impressed with what he saw 😉

The ceremony site was  just beautiful!

Although a tiny guest decided to take a little snooze in the shade.

This truly is every Bride’s dream right ladies?  To have a Groom that looks at you like this…

So happy!

Love all the photos we took at Independence Grove, it was hard not to take a beautiful photo there.

Another favorite!

Yes, they had a bar made out of ice…yes, it was the coolest…yes, pun intended 😉

[Dan Rebholz at World Class Ice Sculpture Chicago]

Yummy midnight snacks!

From Lauren…

“I think our wedding day was amazing…minus the heat of course!

I loved preparing for the wedding and putting together all of the invitations, seating cards, table numbers, etc. even though it took a looong time with the help of my bridesmaids and Patti it was a lot of fun.

Even though we really ended up spending a lot of money on the wedding overall, we actually saved money in almost every aspect by using our connections or doing as much as we could on our own.

The majority of our flowers, meaning all of our calla lilies, we bought from a family friend who sells wholesale flowers so we saved a ton of money on that. We decided not to do flower arrangements for the centerpieces to save a lot of money but I feel that with the centerpieces that Patti came up with it didn’t look like we were trying to save money by not going with flowers since there were still 3 callas at each table and candles everywhere.

Some of my favorite moments from the wedding are actually when things went wrong because I felt that it added character to the wedding.  Like when our pastor dropped Dan’s ring and it went rolling away…he felt really bad but I laughed and told him it was funny and added a special extra touch. I was also told that our ring bearer was not about to carry his pillow down the aisle so Patti tied it to his wrist and he shook his hand down the aisle and tried to get it off.

Going into the wedding planning, Dan and I knew we didn’t just want to have a reception in a room in a hotel, we wanted something with a little more character and I believe we found that with our venue.  The surroundings were beautiful and so was the garden that we got married in.”

Chicago Engagement session | The original Chicago’s Gold Coast | Jennifer and Jake

Jennifer and Jake live near the south side of Chicago, which was the perfect place to do their engagement photos.  As we were walking around they told me that some of these mansions were part of the original Chicago’s Gold Coast, it was really cool!

My favorite!

Love the next two also 🙂

The clouds were nice enough to cooperate 🙂

So cute!

Another favorite.

See you guys soon for your wedding this month!