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Hotel Orrington Evanston Wedding | New Years Eve wedding reception | Becky and Ian

The colors were red, the couple was fun, the kids were cute, the food was great, the dance floor was full, what else could I possibly need?  Nothing, but the 53 degree weather on New Years Eve sure didn’t hurt!  All the fun took place at the beautiful  Hotel Orrington in Evanston.

The little flower girls were so sweet and well behaved.

A little nap to before the wedding.


Becky & Ian  deiced to see each other before the wedding, so we had plenty of time for photos.


Favorite 2!

Favorite 3!! I really love this one 😀


Ceremony time.

The ceremony was great, thanks to Anita Vaughan.

Check out the girls reactions 🙂

This is probably my favorite cake ever, just so unique….from Take the Cake.

First dance.

When Toast & Jam is your DJ you know you’re going to have a full dance floor.

Balloon  drop at midnight.

The poor balloons never stood a chance.

Becky & Ian, thanks for having me as your photographer and letting me end my season on a high note 🙂

[ Hilda Burke, Evanston IL wedding photography <<< Please visit my website for more info.]

From Ian…”All the vendors were great. If you need me to point out a few I would say the Hotel of course. The DJ, Toast and Jam. And the cake, Take the Cake. The photographer was alright, but not enough to mention in the blog. (you thought I would edit out that part, didn’t you Ian? 😉 )
Favorite part of the day was the ceremony which was very funny and laid back. I think it reflected us very well. I think that is the politically correct response, but of course I loved the party. Hangin out with people I haven’t seen in a while. Takin’ a few shots with the guys. And occasionally dancing with Becky.
Best purchase was the late night snacks. Although I didn’t really get a chance to enjoy them, that was what most people talked about afterward.
Overall, it was a great evening spent with close friends and family. We were glad with the turnout because it was just big enough, but at the same time just quaint enough to spend time with everyone. It was a great way to celebrate.”

From Becky…”I think we should also mention Anita Vaughn who did our ceremony for us. I also really enjoyed the ceremony and I’ve had LOTS of people tell me how great it was. The late night snacks were a definite hit but I’m afraid I never got any! One of my favorite parts of the evening was watching Rory take it away on the dance floor. Very impressive. I’m very happy with how everything went and I’m looking forward to seeing all the pics!”