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month: April 2011

Fun dance portraits at the Joffrey Academy of Dance, Chicago IL

Miss Dancer’s Mom hired me to take photos of her dancer daughter. She’s a student at the Joffrey Academy of Dance, and obviously the girl has talent and beauty 🙂

I love this first photo, just a quick snap of the shoes being put on, it’s so timeless. Favorite 1!

Love the graceful feel of this one…

Favorite 2!

Favorite 3!!


The Davis Family, [family/child/baby photography, Chicago IL]

Meet the newest addition to this beautiful family, at one month old she is already perfect from head to toe.

Love this family photo!!

She really did not like that headband! 😉

Beautiful big sister 🙂

I love how she’s looking at her Mommy 🙂

Is there anything better than baby folds? Nope!

LOVE!!! Favorite!!!

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Mike [Mic One] Chicago musician/head-shots/CD cover

Recently I had a chance to shoot a local musician for his new CD. I had a lot of fun, and I’m looking forward to doing more of these shoots in the future. So if you are looking for head shots/portraits for yourself, for someone special, or for promotional purposes please contact me.  E-mail or Facebook is the best way to reach me  🙂

Styling by Whitney Middleton.

Please take a few minutes to check out my new website, mostly dedicated to portraits (head-shots for actors, models, musicians and boudoir  photos)


Transylvania 2, Brasov and Bran “Dracula’s Castle”

This is the Black Church in the beautiful City of Brasov in Transylvania.  The Black Church is the largest gothic church in Transylvania and it’s over 500 years old!!  Its name derives from damage caused by the Great Fire of 1689, when flames and smoke blackened its walls. The interior is beautiful and it has one of  largest organs in Eastern Europe. Unfortunately no photos were allowed inside.


From left to right, me, Eric, MĂłzes, Anetta (hi guys!) and our Church guide who recently met Nicolas Cage when he came to visit the Black Church.

It was cold and raining, but the colors were still so amazing.

The Town’s Square, where we had a nice American meal at KFC. My Hungarian guests declared it too spicy, HA! Most establishments have their own security to keep the ‘rif-raf’ out… also you need a code to get into the washrooms, the code can be found on your receipt, I found this funny, Eric loved it!

Oh looky what I found 🙂

Another view of the town’s square.

You can see the Black Church in the background here.

About an hour away from Brasov is the City of Bran. The moss covered house was beautiful, right at the base of Dracula’s castle.

Bran Castle, one of Dracula’s many Castles. The legend is based on a real Prince, Vlad III, Prince of Wallachia (1431–1476) or “Vlad Tepes”

Yes, I do realize the irony of a cross at the base of the castle 😉

“What do you mean I can’t climb over the fence to get up the hill?”

The entrance.

One of the coolest things is the secret staircase.

The view from the top.

The courtyard.

Eric feeding the strays.

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Terri and Blake, Rock (Trash) the Dress, Chicago day after shoot

Remember how great your wedding day was? Wanna have some more fun? Why not schedule a day after shoot, and get a chance to wear your wedding dress again?! That’s exactly what Terri and Blake did, and look how much fun they had and without all the stress 🙂


Love that sky!!

Only in Chicago can you find such randomness.

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Transylvania – The weekly market

Here are some photos from my trip to Transylvania. All photos below shot with my Panasonic Lumix point-n-shoot.

I love all the green in this one.


Little store next to the market place.



Belvedere Events Wedding, Elk Grove Village | Adria and Paul

I met Adria and Paul at Brooke and Rob’s wedding. They had already contracted with another photographer but they were  unhappy with their engagement photos and they worried about how their wedding photos would turn out. Shortly after they saw the blog post from Brooke and Rob’s wedding I got this e-mail from Adria.

“I am getting married on March 12, 2011.  We recently took our engagement pictures and were severely disappointed in the artistic ability of the photographer.  We are currently weighing if it is worth losing our deposit and finding a new photographer. I absolutely love your work, and the pictures of Brooke and Rob that I have seen are fantastic, can you tell me what your packages are?”

So long story short, they hired me and I’m very happy they did. They are one of the most romantic couples I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. What a fantastic way to start off the 2011 wedding season 🙂

Flowers by Sylvia’s Flowers in Arlington Heights.

Waiting for the ceremony to start.

One of the flower girls was upset because she had a basket of petals and not flowers like all the other girls did. Here’s Bella comforting her sad little friend by offering her puppy. They were just sooo cute my heart melted.

But smiles came soon after one of the bouquets was raided for some flowers 😉

Yes ladies, he’s handsome, romantic, handy, helpful, sweet, polite and just make make him even more lovable, he had the one perfect tear roll down his cheek as he saw his bride walk down the isle.


The weather wasn’t the greatest so we stopped at Peggy Kinnanes Irish Restaurant and Irish Pub  for photos.

Paul making sure her veil stays on.

Love Adria’s dress, the detail was just beautiful. She got it at  Here Comes the Bride in Addison. (design by Mori Lee)

Just for fun artsy photo of the bridal party.

The reception was at the Belvedere Events and Banquets in Elk Grove Village Illinois.


Paul’s brother gave the best speech ever, no contest. I was crying, everyone around me was crying, and my assistant Carolyn was sobbing. See photo below where a guest was comforting her 😉

Music by Enchanted Evening.

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