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Chicago urban engagement (portrait) session | Nicole and Ricky

One location, so many options. I met up with Nicole and Ricky in the City, we parked and decided just to walk around and see what cool locations we’d come across. These type of sessions are so fun, no crowds to fight or parking to worry about, and of course having  cute photogenic couple to play with never hurts 😉

We started here, and the rest of the locations are just within a few blocks.

Yes, I know…they are this cute in real life too.

Nicole *worked* those heels!

The next three are my favorites!

I will stop at nothing to get a laugh, I have NO shame…zero, zilch, nada…and I’m OK with that 😉

I will find reflections….

…and red doors, everywhere I go.

Rusty bridges are awesome too.

But nothing beats LOVE!

Please click L*I*K*E 🙂