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Byron Colby Barn, Grayslake Illinois Wedding fun photos | Kim and Justin

Kim & Justin’s wedding is going to be posted in parts so I can make a point. These photos were taken after the ceremony just before the reception. (The Byron Colby Barn) This little mini romantic shoot took about 30 minutes, and we were within a block of the reception hall. So the point I’m trying to make is that I don’t need hours, or a ‘magical’ location, I just need a happy willing couple and time. Kim gave me total freedom when it came to photography. Honestly I have never felt freer or more creative…and that’s why the photos are so fun 🙂

No hesitation whatsoever when I asked them to sit in the grass 🙂

Kim listens to my funny dialog…

…then decides I’m completely hysterical!

Oh looky looky, the groom wore red socks, how happy was I? VERY!


I was obsessed with these clouds, they were perfection.

Favorite!!!  LOVE!!!! Canvas print for my office? Yes, please!

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