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month: March 2012

Mike and Michelle–Surprise romantic proposal at the Adler Planetarium, Chicago Illinois

Mike e-mailed me a few months ago and asked me if I was available to photograph a surprise proposal. I was, and many e-mails later a plan was set in motion. They are from Texas so of course it seemed natural to plan a visit to see our beautiful skyline from the Adler Planetarium. Michelle thought nothing of me hanging around with my camera, since everyone takes photos of the skyline from there.  Here’s Michelle admiring the view while Mike takes out the ring.

…down on one knee…she’s  still admiring the view…

…she turns around….


She said YES!!!

Mike puts the ring on.

Mr. Jogger will probably never know that he will be a tiny part of Mike and Michelle’s proposal day forever.

These two were rock-stars for the photos it was freezing cold!


Another favorite.

Here’s a closer crop, so the ladies can appreciate the size of this freaking rock!! Let me just tell you the small web size photos do not do it justice, it’s  gorgeous!!

I asked Mike if he wanted to add something to the blog post, and in a few minutes he sent me this e-mail…get ready to swoon ladies.

Dear, Michelle –

I wish I could have told you all the things that I rehearsed to myself when you were at work or when you were working out just a few steps away from me at the gym. However, I choked when I was walking around with you leading up to my well-planned, yet forgotten proposal!

Ultimately, I wanted to capture every moment to ensure you understood how much I love you and the meticulous details that I pay attention to daily. Then the thought occurred to me … how about I just capture it all on film to give you something memorable, coupled with lasting images to live forever?

Insert Hilda, tons of e-mails, A LOT of coordination, forgotten speech, a custom engagement ring & box made by yours truly, and a beautiful Chicago skyline. However, at that time when I got on my knee, I became filled with anxiety of the unknown, even though you have reassured me time and time again that would always say “yes.”

Additionally, I was always nervous and battled getting engaged as I wanted my professional life to become PERFECT before getting engaged and taking that next step in my life. How daft my thinking had become because I vividly remember how every emotion from being scared to exuding confidence became perfectly protected by your warm smile and beautiful eyes.

In the chaotic life I live, you are my “PERFECT” and my life has become complete knowing that I have you by my side. This is only the beginning of our new chapter in our lives and I plan on making chapter 2, riveting, climatic, and filled with romance.  I love you always and blessed that you said “Yes.”

Love you and miss you even when I’m next to you …


Congrats to you guys, I hope you will always be as happy as you were on  March 4th, 2012 🙂

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Vera Wang Bridal fashion show [wedding gowns] at the Trump International Hotel Chicago

Here’s a quick preview from yesterday’s Vera Wang Bridal fashion show at the Trump International Hotel Chicago. This is one of my favorite dresses, although perhaps with a smaller bow.

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Wedding [elopement] Downtown Chicago Skydeck | Willis [Sears] Tower | Laura and Kyle

Laura and Kyle have been together for a long time,  and instead of lengthy planning and a big wedding they just decided to elope! The date of February 29th in Chicago was decided 🙂

We did photos around the City before the wedding.

The ceremony was on the Skydeck inside the Willis Tower. This was my first time up there since they had the Skydeck installed…it’s very very cool.

Skydeck Chicago www.theskydeck.com
233 South Wacker Drive, Suite 3530, Chicago, IL 60606

This was such a good idea, instead of traditional flowers they got Hawaiian leis from the Bridal party.

It looks like they’re floating over the City 🙂

From Laura…

“When we decided to get married on 2/29/12 we had about 1 month to plan our perfect wedding. For us that meant a small elopement in Chicago. We were very fortunate that every component of our wedding came into place flawlessly, actually better than imagined.


We began looking for a photographer online and were in the process of choosing between three different options when one more internet search found Hilda. Her online portfolio is breathtaking and we felt strongly that she would be the best choice for our event. After a few emails and a phone call Hilda was onboard and we are extraordinarily happy with her work.


I was astonished that complete strangers walking by were so quick to congratulate us and wish us well. It was so sweet and just added to the day’s happiness.


When we arrived at the Willis Tower we were told that we would be escorted up to the SkyDeck. Being a little preoccupied I didn’t realize that the SkyDeck was actually closed due to high winds! Amazingly the SkyDeck still allowed us access for our ceremony and we had a perfect (and unexpectedly private) wedding. Standing out on a Sky Ledge we were married and took “the leap” on leap year day.


Our minister, a personal friend, included Hawaiian Leis and Roses in the ceremony. The ceremony was one of the most heartfelt and meaningful wedding ceremonies I have ever heard and am so blessed and lucky that it was our wedding!


We enjoyed every moment of our day and it was a marvelous way to start our married life.”


Adler Planetarium [Chicago skyline] surprise proposal photography

The best view of the Chicago skyline is from Adler Planetarium. Here’s a quick preview, full blog post coming soon 🙂

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I love a happy Bride & Groom [Chicago Illinois wedding photographer]

I got this lovely note from Beth & Matt, you can see their blog post here < 🙂 Thanks very much for the kind words!!


Chicago elopement/wedding at the Sears (Willis) Tower | Skydeck Chicago | Photo of the week

Even though the Willis (Sears) Tower Skydeck was closed due to high winds, we got a special escort and the entire place to ourselves. (Yay!) Lots more photos coming soon, but here’s my favorite!

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