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Michelle and Eric…Chicago fun, romantic engagement session [couples portrait photography]-

The romance of Michelle and Eric is so incredible that you’d be in tears if I told you how the first few weeks of their relationship unfolded. (But I won’t because it’s too long, and I’m not a very good writer) When I first met them at my office and they shared their story with me,  I sat there with my mouth hanging open and  I kept thinking…This. Is. A. Movie!! Actually if it was made into a movie you’d think it was all made up, but it’s real people! True love and romance are still alive, I see it every week 🙂 BTW for those of you still dating or trying to find ‘the one’ go on line, really! A lot of my  couples meet on line,  I think it’s close to 40% now.

Eric proposed at the Theater where Michelle works, so it seemed like the prefect spot to start their session.

The next stop was Navy Pier where they had their first date.

It’s such a shame they’re so shy and reserved 😉

I ‘forced’ them to be serious for a few…

I love how fun they are, never a dull moment 🙂

Obviously, these last two are my favorites…LOVE!

Thank you to Patti for recommending them to me, check out her work on the With Love Bridal website.