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Boudoir photos | Chicago boudoir photographer | Lisa’s story

Thank you Lisa for allowing me to share your story. You are an inspiration!! Can’t wait for the second photo shoot 😉

“On 12/19/13, i was home alone.  It was just like any other normal day.  Then, while lying in bed, it felt like someone took a serrated knife and jammed it dead center into my chest and dragged it all the way down to my stomach.  I heard a ripping sound, similar to a zipper.  And i cant even describe the pain.  I went to get out of bed and run for my phone (which was downstairs) and I collapsed.  My legs didn’t work.  I couldn’t walk.  So, I army crawled it out of my bedroom.  I had no idea how I was going to make it down those stairs but I did and by the time i reached the bottom, my legs were working again.

Flash forward to the hospital and it was determined that my aorta tore and that I’d have to have emergency open heart surgery.  This surgery is so uncommon for a woman, let alone someone my age (35).  It is also terribly dangerous with about a 10% chance of survival.  I had to say goodbye to my family and the hospital chaplain read me my last rites.  11 hours later, surgery was over.  I had survived.
I spent 9 days in the hospital, 3 months in rehabilitation.
They were not able to fix my whole aorta so I go annually to check for aneurysms.  In 2016, an aneurysm had grown and now I’m scheduled to have open heart, or aortic dissection, again at the Mayo Clinic within the next 3 months.

I’ve always wanted to do boudoir but time and money seemed to always get away from me.  After my surgery i didn’t think i ever would do it.  I didn’t feel pretty enough with my scars, etc…  A good friend showed me your work and I decided to go for it.  If I could inspire girls to feel confident and sexy then that is great.  Being overweight and with scars on my chest, well, as you can imagine…you don’t always feel so glamorous.  I’m done feeling that way!

I’m so excited!  I had an amazing time.  Thank you for making me feel so comfortable in my own skin.”

  • Lisa – You are gorgeous! You are also a strong woman who is obviously a fighter. Wishing you all the best for your surgery. And more boudoir session in the future!