Stache Band: These guys ROCK! The dance floor was packed the entire night. Ryan was an incredible emcee and helped everything flow in a timely manner.

Favorite Wedding Related Purchase: The engagement ring is our favorite wedding purchase. At first, Pat stored in a butter container to keep it safe and hidden. Luckily by the time Ginny received it, the rock was butter free and as sparkly as can be! Ginny loves anything and everything glitter related and enjoys getting to wear the extra bling everyday! She admires it every time she looks at it, and it reminds her how lucky she is to have married #ZeManOfHerDreams. Burland Harold & Son Jewelers did an excellent job designing both the engagement ring and wedding band.

Favorite Wedding Memory: We loved the moment when the doors swung open at the church. Ginny was so excited to see Pat smiling at the end of the aisle. Pat got contacts just for this moment so he could see his bride! It was so special to see each other for the first time on their wedding day and to share this special moment with their families and friends.

Funny moments: The Zemans are a divided household when it comes to Big 10 Universities. The kids are split- Iowa vs. Indiana. However, Pat’s dad, Gary, is a die-hard Illini fan and was so happy to welcome Ginny, a fellow Illini, into the family. Gary displayed his pride and approval when he stole the microphone and chanted I-L-L repeatedly at the reception!

Advice for couples planning their wedding: Don‚Äôt sweat the small stuff and relax and enjoy every second!’